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Garden Doors / Operation and Maintenance


If your hinged MAXDOR swing door is supplied with our multi-point locking system on the door hardware, follow these instructions for operation:

Turn the thumb turn or use the key to unlock the door. To open the door, grasp the handle and push down on the handle lever, then open the door.

To close and lock, close the door, then lift up on the handle lever until you hear a click (tongue is engaging into the door). Then turn thumb turn on the inside of the door or turn the key lock on the outside to lock.


Hinged Door Units - On units with our aluminum weep sill, remove the sill covers and check for dirt or any debris that may dam up water and prevent it from getting out of the sill. Check to verify the door is making good contact with the weatherstripping around the preimeter of the door. Replace any worn or damaged pieces of weatherstripping. The door strike may be moved inward to correct a "loose fit". Periodically clean the door handle hardware with mild unscnented dish soap and water to remove any environmental elements from the surface of the hardware.

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